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The Most Successful Couple in Network Marketing!

When family, friends, and fun is at the core of your business…  Life is good. But it wasn’t always so easy…

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“There was no safety net.”

Corbin worked in corporate sales for 14 years. He was the most successful person at his firm, but when his success earned him a pay cut instead of a raise, he quickly realized that Corporate America was not looking out for his him or his family.


Corporate America Is No Longer Looking Out For Your Interests.

There were no REAL business opportunities for stay at home moms.

Holly spent 6 years in pharmaceutical sales, had their 3 sons, and stayed at home to raise them. There just wasn’t enough time to work a corporate job while raising a family.


You can’t make good money from home… Right?

The Network Marketing Difference:

Holly found a network marketing company called MonaVie that sold a nutritious health product that she could get behind.

She thought it would be just a part time project to sell to a few family and friends, and maybe some neighbors that wanted to get healthy.

Corbin thought it was a fad that would last a couple of months and didn’t pay much attention to it.


Then he saw the results…

The Result:


Holly ended up making as much money in network marketing as Corbin did at his corporate job!

When she eventually doubled her husband’s income, he quit his unappreciative corporate job and went into Network Marketing with Holly.  Their business quadrupled! 

Now they can’t imagine their lives without their home-based business.


More Money!


More Family Time!


More Freedom!


“The idea that security is working for somebody else is far from the truth. Security is making your own decisions every day.”

You don’t have to rely on a company or the government or the stock market to provide for you.  You don’t have to play by the rules of Corporate America and slave away for decades before you can “earn your reward” in the form of a higher position or retirement pension that may or may not ever come.

You can be free!

More Than Money:

Corbin & Holly feel even more than just wealthy & free… they are happier than they have ever been.

Network Marketing allowed them to build and develop their leadership skills and relationships with people in their network in powerful ways.

It didn’t just make them money, it made them better people.

This business is about loving people. It is rewarding.

Holly Roush

Co-Owner, Corbin & Holly, Inc.

My whole goal is to set my friends up to succeed.  You want to be the kind of leader you want them to be. Lead by example.

Corbin Roush

Co-Owner, Corbin & Holly, Inc.

Building a business that not only makes money for you, but for everyone on your team creates a dynamic that doesn’t exist in Corporate America.  It is a team effort.

The better your team does, the better you do.  There are no bosses or managers to answer to.  There are no pay limits because you don’t have a certain job title.

In Network Marketing, helping others helps you.

I’ll never go back to corporate America…

I’ll teach my children that they need to have ownership of their own businesses. I want them to understand that they have the power to make their own decisions.

Never let someone else tell you what you’re worth.

Corbin Roush

Co-Owner, Corbin & Holly, Inc.

Millionaires Made

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Lives Changed Forever

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